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You may be interested in a  FRANCHISED  or  NON - FRANCHISED Business.

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What  is  a  Non - Franchised  Business  ?

Non - Franchised  Business  Opportunities


How  is  a  Non - Franchised  Business  Opportunity  Different

from  a  Franchise  Opportunity ? 

Both are Opportunities to start your own business and while they do share similar characte-ristics, from a legal and operational standpoint -  they are very different.

Typically, Franchises make use of a trademark, maintain significant control, receive direct Franchisor Support, and pay more initially to enter the business than Non-Franchised Business Operators do. Non-Franchised Business Opportunities usually have fewer barriers to entry, especially price. And while they may receive less direct support, they are freer to follow their own star than Franchisees are, since they don't need to follow strict Operational Rules and other system guidelines to the letter, as a Franchise Operator must do. 

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